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After a 911 caller stated that a’muay tai- and jiujitsu-trained’ man was living in Kansas, a cop is searching for his missing mother.

  •  Cari Allen, 43 years old, vanished in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday night just after 11pm
  • Allen, who is the father of a teenager son, was described as “friendly, passionate, and caring” by his friends and colleagues. 
  • After receiving a call regarding a possible murder, the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office issued a search warrant in Topeka.
  • The homeowner was not at home when the police arrived with canines and rifles to search the house.
  • Douglas County Sheriff’s Office didn’t confirm that the homeowner was a suspect, and no arrests were made.


Police in Nebraska have intensified their search for a mother missing since her disappearance nearly a week earlier.

Cari Allen, 43 years old, is divorcée and has a teenage boy. She vanished Saturday night at 11pm. 

On Tuesday, Topeka, Kansas authorities searched the home Aldrick Scott after a 911 call that indicated that someone living at his house may have ‘killed’ his girlfriend.

Scott, an army veteran with multiple combat deployments who is ‘muay tai and jiu jitsu trained,’ was not at the residence when police arrived armed with rifles and canines. 

Although Scott’s involvement in Allen’s disappearance was not confirmed by authorities, investigators did have evidence from Scott’s Kansas home that was about 150 miles from Allen.

Friday morning saw the Sheriff’s Department at the Pheasant Point Landfill, which is just 16 minutes from Allen’s Omaha home.

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office stated that no arrests had been made. 

Cari Allen (43), was described by her friends and colleagues as “friendly, passionate, and caring” and vanished Saturday night at 11:59pm

Allen is described by friends as 'friendly, passionate and caring,' and her colleagues said it was unusual for her to disappear

A search warrant was served at a home in Topeka, Kansas. The homeowner was listed as Aldrick Scott, though authorities would not confirm if Scott was connected to Allen's disappearance

A search warrant for a Topeka home was issued. Although Aldrick Scott was the homeowner, authorities were unable to confirm whether Scott was involved in Allen’s disappearance.

An alarming 911 call was made that a man living in a home in Kansas may have 'killed his girlfriend'

A 911 caller alerted authorities that a Kansas man may have “killed his girlfriend”.

On Wednesday, officials seized Allen's car that was taken from the garage of her home in Omaha as part of the investigation into her disappearance

Officials seized Allen’s car from her Omaha garage on Wednesday as part of an investigation into her disappearance.

Allen stands at, 8 inches tall, roughly 130 pounds, with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her straight blonde hair is also worn curly, at times

Allen is approximately 8 inches tall and 130 pounds with hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her Straight blonde hair can be curled at times.

Allen is described as being ‘friendly and passionate’ by her friends. Her colleagues also said that it was rare for her to go missing.

As part of the investigation into her disappearance, officials took a car out of her Omaha garage, near 168th Streets and Blondo Streets. reached out to the DCSO on Friday but they were unable to comment. 

An earlier statement by the department was released this week. 

“The DCSO actively pursues all leads in relation to the Cari Alley missing person case. We will pursue any leads that lead us, and we will use every resource to reach a satisfactory resolution.

According to our leads, there is currently no danger to public safety for the residents of Douglas County. Anybody with information regarding this case is encouraged to call 402-444-6600. 

On Friday morning, the Sheriff's Department was seen at the Pheasant Point Landfill - which is only a 16-minute drive from Allen's home in Omaha, Nebraska

Friday morning saw the Sheriff’s Department at the Pheasant Point Landfill, which is just 16 minutes from Allen’s Omaha home.

Allen managed a program for an organization that offers services to people with disabilities.

Clarion Campbell, former colleague, stated that Clarion never knew anyone else. She He was friendly and outgoing. Always open to listening to others. 

Concerned neighbors stated that although they did not know Allen very well, they described her as friendly. Allen was frequently seen outside her home, mowing her grass.

KETV News reported that investigators didn’t rule out foul play in her disappearance.            

Allen is approximately 8 inches tall and 130 pounds with hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her Straight blonde hair can also be worn curly at times.

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