‘Cheapest’ cleaning hack to remove algae from garden furniture – ‘can quickly take over!’

Algae is hard to avoid in autumn – particularly in damp, dark corners of the garden. While the spores are not particularly dangerous, they can leave harsh stains and even weaken the structure of your furniture. According to gardening experts, prevention is “the best form of defence” against these “unsightly organisms”, but there are a … Read more

Gooey Algae That Suffocates Organisms Are Infecting Michigan Waterways

Sticky “rock snot” that suffocates organisms that live at the bottom of rivers and streams is penetrating Michigan’s waterways. Formally known as didymo, this alga creates a mat that can grow more than 15 centimeters thick and some are 60 centimeters long. Although non-toxic, rock snot reduces habitat for macro invertebrates that are an important … Read more

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