Three Americans died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Mexico City Airbnb while on vacation

EXCLUSIVE: Three Americans died of carbon monoxide poisoning at an Airbnb in Mexico City while vacationing for Day of the Dead festivities Kandace, a native of Virginia, Florence and New Orleans residents Jordan Marshall and Courtez Hall, was found dead in an apartment in Mexico City on Oct. 30 Mexico City’s attorney general’s office announced … Read more

Tea gardens increase carbon sink capacity

Agricultural activities contribute about 30 per cent of the total global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mainly due to the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides and animal wastes, but agricultural ecosystems can also offset 80 per cent of the emissions, according to data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation. The carbon sequestration potential of … Read more

Four Construction Workers Sick After Carbon Dioxide Leak At LAX, One Loses Pulse

Four construction workers at LAX Airport get sick – one seriously – after gas leak: Terminal 8 is evacuated as United Airlines flights are delayed A gas leak at LAX has hospitalized four construction workers, one of whom is in critical condition A man in his fifties was found without a heartbeat and not breathing … Read more

Marine Bacteria Take In Carbon Dioxide Through Photosynthesis » WhatsNew2Day

Raman-based single-cell metabolic profiling and genomics reveal CO2-fixing bacteria in the ocean. Credit: Liu Yang Knowing whether or not marine microbes participate in photosynthesis — the use of sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into energy — could help scientists learn whether ocean bacteria play a role in the global carbon cycle. However, most … Read more

Carbon monoxide leak at daycare hospitalizes 28 children and 4 adults

A carbon monoxide leak at a daycare in Pennsylvania hospitalized at least 32 people (Pictures: WFLA/ Happy Smile Learning Centre) Over 30 people, mostly children, were hospitalized on Tuesday morning due to a carbon monoxide leak at a daycare facility. Ambulances scrambled to evacuate 28 children and 4 adults from the Happy Smiles Learning Center … Read more

Several Children Rushed To Hospital After Carbon Monoxide Leak At Pennsylvania Daycare

BREAKING NEWS: More than 20 children have been hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after Pennsylvania daycare spill — as medics scramble EVERY ambulance in town for fear of being overwhelmed Doctors were called on Tuesday morning after a child was knocked unconscious, with firefighters alerted to the deadly gas by their equipment Several children have … Read more

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