Drivers risk invalidating insurance when leaving cars to de-ice

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has previously warned that drivers should stay inside their vehicles when defrosting them to avoid being caught out. He said drivers should “always be in control” of their cars while the engine is running and could risk invalidating their car insurance for leaving it unattended. Car thefts are common in winter … Read more

Elderly drivers warned of ‘disproportionate and unfair’ extra costs when renting cars

He said: “Legally, companies are often within their rights to adjust their prices and policies on the basis of age, if they have a justifiable reason, but we’re increasingly seeing cases where the outcomes for older customers seem disproportionate and unfair. “If you are an older traveller, it’s important to shop around and compare the … Read more

Police fire rubber bullets at protesters, cars overturned on sidelines of APEC summit in Bangkok

For free real time breaking news alerts sent straight to your inbox sign up to our breaking news emails Sign up to our free breaking news emails Police in Thailand’s Bangkok fired rubber bullets to disperse pro-democracy protesters who had gathered near the venue of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) group meeting on Friday. According … Read more

Do electric cars work in winter? Tips to keep EVs running in cold weather

A motoring expert has offered drivers advice on how to care for electric cars as temperatures slowly fall. The movement of lithium ions in the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) slows in cold weather and therefore they don’t work as effectively, and limit the charge of the motors. Louis Rix, a who works in motoring, has shared the … Read more

Driver warning: Drivers urged to remove fizzy drinks and musical instruments from cars

With the weather turning chilly, it is easy to forget that some items don’t fare well in low temperatures. Motoring experts at CarMoney have revealed the things that drivers should never leave in their cars overnight in winter – including medication. Fizzy drinks may burst A frozen carbonated beverage will expand as it freezes, and … Read more

Leading insurer reveals the cheapest cars to cover in Britain as the cost of driving soars – is yours on the list?

MOTORISTS in Britain are feeling the pinch as the costs associated with driving soar. Inflation, chip shortages and fuel price rises all contribute today, but insurance has long been a significant cost for drivers. 3 The Qashqai was singled out as the cheapest to insure of Britain’ most popular cars Leading car insurance firm Admiral … Read more

Electric cars: EV owners warned of abuse as charge rage increases

Experts from said a code of conduct is needed urgently to put a stop to motorists bickering at charging points. Drivers have reported multiple incidents of irate motorists arguing over whose turn it is to use a charging point and even unplugging other vehicles so they can use the charger. New electric car driver, … Read more

E10 petrol: Introduction of E10 could make classic cars more difficult to own

“This year visitors can expect a fantastic array of classic car and motorcycle clubs, with more than 3,000 vehicles on display and over 600 exhibitors. “Additionally, visitors can hear from industry insiders as they discuss latest trends, must-have products, take part in interviews and showcase some spectacular classic cars with a jam-packed program on the … Read more

Over half of motorists holding onto cars older than 10 years old due to cost of living

However, running an older car has, in some cases, caused some motorists financial anguish, with 10 percent claiming some repair bills have run into the thousands. Nearly one in 10 aren’t sure how much their ageing car has set them back – while one in five (21 percent) reckon they’ve spent more on repairs in … Read more

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