‘Like a salon blow dry’ – Revlon One Step Volumiser Brush slashed to £30 on Black Friday

Black Friday has officially started today and already plenty of deals have dropped. Amazon launched its Black Friday sale earlier and released more offers today. One of the best offers shoppers can now get is on the Revlon Salon One-Step Volumising brush. The viral hair styling tool is a two-in-one device that combines the power … Read more

I’m a laundry whizz – three ways to dry clothes quicker & why you should never put wet washing on a radiator

WITH the colder weather creeping in, it’s no longer as easy as just hanging your wet clothes outside to dry. And with the cost-of-living crisis causing energy bills to rocket, many homeowners are looking to cut back on costs wherever they can. 1 Laundry whizz Rebecca Bebbington has revealed the very simple things you can … Read more

How to dry your clothes when your heating is off as energy bills soar

Drying clothes can prove troublesome if you’re keeping the heating off. (Credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto) With energy prices rising, many members of the public are looking to make savings wherever they can. The government does have several support schemes running to help with energy, including the Energy Bills Support Scheme and the Cost of Living payments. … Read more

Expert shares how to dry wet clothes quicker without tumble dryer

“This will mean they’ll dry a bit faster and it’s still cheaper than using the tumble dryer,” she said.  Another of Rebecca’s tips was to “make the most of natural light”. She continued: “The sun still comes out to say hello even on the coldest of days and when it does it’s important to make … Read more

Moist Pet Food Is Worse For The Setting Than Dry Kibble, Scientists Say  &Raquo; Whatsnew2Day

Fancy making your canine the following Pet-a Thunberg? Strive switching our their moist meals for dry kibble. A brand new research has revealed that feeding your pooch a moist food regimen contributes nearly seven instances extra carbon dioxide a 12 months than a dry one. Scientists on the College of Sao Paulo in Brazil evaluated the … Read more

‘Brilliant’ hack to dry clothes quicker without heating

Jodie Craven wrote: “I put mine on the airer cover the airer with a bottom sheet and use an electric blow heater point inward towards clothes. It captures all the heat and dries clothes great. I also have a dehumidifier on too.” Purchasing a dehumidifier seems like a good option, according to Mrs Hinch fans, … Read more

Where to dry laundry: ‘Worst room’ in the house to dry your clothes

2. Moisture can damage the walls and ceiling  Although mould is the most pressing concern, households also need to consider the structural effects drying laundry in bedrooms may have. The experts said: “The issue with drying laundry in a bedroom setting is that the room generally won’t be equipped to deal with liquid and moisture … Read more

How to dry clothes without a tumble dryer: Cheapest methods that prevent condensation

The majority of households have a fan for the odd summer heatwave Britain experiences and Ariela suggested using this: ”If you’ve an electric fan, put that on cold and point at the airer, leaving a window beyond ajar very slightly.” If dehumidifiers are out of your budget and you don’t have a fan, consider purchasing … Read more

Laundry: How to dry clothes fully ‘in four hours’ without a tumble dryer – ‘game changer’

Claire Linda explained: “I have very limited radiator space in my house so I will put some of my drying on a rack and place a dehumidifier right near to it. “Not only am I no longer worried about mould building up, it makes clothes dry so much quicker, it’s a game changer. No damp … Read more

‘Works a treat!’ Dry wet clothes in half the time with ‘best buy ever’

As well as washing machine hacks, radiator tips, and heated airers, another popular piece of advice was to invest in a dehumidifier. There are expensive and cheap versions of this product available at many retailers, from Amazon to Argos. Steph Ayres wrote: “Dehumidifier! 100 percent. My partner brought one after I was complaining about the … Read more

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