How to clean oven glass: 11p hack ‘works amazingly’ to remove dirt from oven glass

Cleaning oven glass can be a laborious task, especially if the glass is caked in grease and grime. While it can be tempting to grab an oven-specific chemical product, these can cost more than using other methods. With this in mind, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared … Read more

Bedding: Laundry expert’s hack to kill germs and bacteria without washing at 60 degrees

With the cost of water and electricity at an all-time high, millions of households are wondering whether they can wash bedding and towels on a lower temperature and still get hygienically clean results. spoke to several laundry experts who shared their advice, and one suggested using a laundry cleanser to ensure “99.9% of bacteria … Read more

Argos fans uncover Black Friday hack to get air fryer for £15

Argos has slashed the price of the popular Tower air fryer from £50 down to £30. This model boasts a 3-litre capacity, which can be used to make crispy homemade chips with 99% less oil than traditional fryers. Despite the name, air fryers do much more than fry chips too – these clever countertop gadgets … Read more

Supermarket hack: Easy way to unlock a trolley if you haven’t got a £1 coin

Food shopping used to be straightforward, but now there’s lots to think about before you’ve even stepped foot inside the supermarket; shopping list, reusable bags and trolley pound coin. One lady on TikTok however, has a hack for the latter – using two 20ps instead. Some said this trick didn’t work for all supermarket shopping … Read more

My dollar store Thanksgiving hack makes sending people home with leftovers so much easier

A DOLLAR store Thanksgiving hack has made dishing out leftovers so much easier. A savvy holiday host has revealed her trick ahead of the holiday season. 4 A Thanksgiving leftovers hack has been revealed by a savvy hostCredit: Getty Images – Getty 4 A woman shared her hack to making Thanksgiving dinner easyCredit: TikTok 4 … Read more

Cooking hack: Chef shares secret to cooking ‘perfectly crispy’ bacon – and it’s not oil

Bacon is easy to cook with and work into a range of tasty meals, but the texture isn’t always as simple to get right. Striking a balance between making it crispy without overcooking it can be difficult when frying or grilling – particularly when it comes to the fat. While it’s not the most orthodox … Read more

Woman Reveals Super Simple Hack To See If Your Partner Has Nudes On Their Phone

A woman has revealed a simple, foolproof way to check if your partner is sexting with someone else – by seeing if they have any provocative snaps saved on their phone. Leah Louvaine, 25, from London, shared the simple hack on TikTok, where viewers immediately tried it out for themselves and confirmed that it worked. … Read more

Use this Black Friday hack to get almost £200 off a Dyson Airwrap

It’s rare to find a discount on the coveted Airwrap (Picture: eBay/Getty) This article contains affiliate links. We will earn a small commission on purchases made through one of these links but this never influences our experts’ opinions. Products are tested and reviewed independently of commercial initiatives. Influencers and beauty gurus haven’t stopped singing the … Read more

I’m a mum and my easy laundry hack means I NEVER have to iron – it’s so simple

A MUM has shared a simple laundry hack which means she never has to iron. Liffie Fowler, 26, is a keen cleaner, sharing her tricks on social media with eager fans who learn how to do household tasks more easily. 3 The mum has revealed her laundry hack to avoid ironing any clothesCredit: SWNS 3 … Read more

I save £5k a year on insurance, MOT & road tax using little-known hack – it makes driving so much cheaper

A DRIVER saved £5,000 a year on insurance, MOT and road taxes by using little-known hack. Daniel, 27, from Hertfordshire, decided to ditch his car and instead borrows other people’s to make big savings. 1 The London commuter has managed to thousands of pounds a year by using a flexible insurance policyCredit: BPM He can … Read more

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