Company boss hit with 100 parking fines ‘for parking in his own space’

Graham Bethel suffers sleepless nights as a result of the ordeal (Picture: Graham Bethel) A business owner has amassed more than 100 parking fines for parking in his very own space. Graham Bethel says he is entitled to having one vehicle in the service yard of his company in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Ever since he and … Read more

Council’s ‘woke’ £500K scheme to scrap parking spaces for cycle hangars leaves drivers fuming

FUMING residents have blasted a council’s “woke” £500,000 scheme to scrap parking spaces to make way for new cycle hangars. Drivers say the plans to create 150 hangars will mean they are unable to park outside their homes despite paying £60 to £385 per year for a permit. 1 Fuming drivers say the plans to … Read more

I found raging note on my car slamming my parking but I was in white lines – everyone’s shocked by my response

A DRIVER who found a raging note on his car over his parking has shocked viewers with his response. In a video on TikTok, the car owner shows the angry message left for him which claimed he parking improperly. 3 The man came back to his car to find an angry noteCredit: TikTok/@erw1nstagram 3 He … Read more

Flat smaller than a parking space available to rent for £1,278 a month

Dreamy, right? (Picture: Kubie Gold Associates) In the market for a flat? Well, have we got the property opportunity for you. The eight-square-metre ‘open plan’ room opposite Harrods is available for the exceptionally reasonable price of £1,278 a month. For anyone who’s never measured a parking space before, they usually measure in at 11.5 square … Read more

Campervan parking fine is ‘discrimination’, driver in Dorset says

A campervan driver claims a parking fine is “unlawful” and he was “singled out”. Steve Foakes got the ticket while visiting family on Tuesday when he parked the Citroen campervan partially blocking a dropped kerb. However, he stressed he left space behind the car in front to avoid blocking them in on the residential road in Bournemouth, Dorset. Consequently, Mr … Read more

Drivers warned of popular TikTok parking hack which could lead to ‘seven years in prison’

Earlier this year, the RAC slammed plans to increase parking fines to £120 – the equivalent of almost two days’ pay for a key worker on the minimum wage.  There have been disputes over whether to slash or increase the cost of a parking fine, citing the cost of living crisis, whilst also balancing the … Read more

American Au Pair Discusses The Differences In Driving And Parking Between America And Australia » WhatsNew2Day

US au pair denounces bizarre driving habit she says ‘all Aussies have’ that nobody does at home: ‘It’s so weird’ An American au pair has rejected every Aussie’s ‘weird’ driving habit She said all Aussies should go back to car spaces, which is different from America She can’t go back to parking lots, but to … Read more

LA Mom Speaks Out After Her Husband And Daughter Are BOTH Stabbed To Death In Kohl’s Parking Lot

A mother mourned the death of her husband and daughter after they were both stabbed to death in a Kohl’s parking lot in Palmdale, just north of Los Angeles. Ken Evans and his 22-year-old daughter McKenna were killed in a seemingly random attack that happened just before noon Thursday, the LA County sheriff has said. … Read more

You could buy London flat with a yard & parking for £165k – but there’s a catch

A LONDON flat with its own garden and parking space has caused a stir for a strange reason.   The one-bedroom property hit the market recently for just £165,000, but prospective tenants should be prepared for a serious catch.   5 The London based flat has hit the market for £165,000Credit: Clive Emson 5 But … Read more

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