Should you be peeling your fruit and veg?

The skins of fruit and veg can contain high levels of nutrients (Picture: Getty Images) Many people’s default when preparing fruit and vegetables is to peel them. But often, it’s not necessary. There are important nutrients in the peel. And, what’s more, discarded fruit and veg peels contribute to climate change. Fruit and vegetables are … Read more

Food hacks: Apple peeling trick – how to peel fruit in seconds

A hack to peel an apple has had an enormous 12.6M views on the app TikTok. A woman showed the internet how her crafty dad peels the fruit at the speed of light (almost). The woman, TikTok user Ali DeCosmo (@alidecosmo) filmed her father peeling apples. She wrote: “My dad’s a genius.” The TikToker’s father … Read more

Darlington, Sydney Terrace Sells For $1.83m Despite Mouldy Roof, Peeling Walls And Decaying Balcony

A Sydney property with peeling walls, a dilapidated balcony and moldy ceilings has sold for $1.83 million – a staggering $600,000 above asking price. The downtown four-bedroom, one-bathroom patio was sold at auction on Saturday, with eager bidders launching massive bids to try and secure the home. The property, located on Wilson Street in the … Read more

Meal Prep Queen Shares Her Best Hack For Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs With Ease

An Australian mom and meal prepping queen has shared her surefire way of peeling hard-boiled eggs in seconds using a pantry and water. Sydney teacher Katie Lolas took to Instagram on Tuesday to demonstrate her “hack” that ensures no large “chunks” are ripped from the delicate egg. “It’s super easy. All you have to do … Read more

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