Does The Pill Change Who You’re Attracted To? Woman Is Lesbian After Coming Off The Pill

An Australian corporate worker who decided to stop using the contraceptive pill last year quickly realized that she was no longer attracted to men. Tessa Bona, from Melbourne, had been taking the same pill since she was 15 and noticed a number of physical changes two to four weeks after stopping it. The 30-year-old told … Read more

Love it or hate it, the pill was a game changer. But is it still?

It’s been over six decades since the early contraceptive pill was given to women across the UK (Picture: Getty) Mary Pelton started taking the contraceptive pill in 1969. Back then, it was still fairly new and something she describes as ‘an absolute breakthrough’.  In upper sixth form at the time, the then-teenager had been prescribed … Read more

Minnesota jury rules that pharmacist who denied woman morning after pill didn’t violate her rights

A jury in Minnesota ruled on Friday that a pharmacist did not commit discrimination when he did not fill an emergency contraception prescription for a woman after her prior contraceptive method failed, according to the gender advocacy group Gender Justice. A jury in Aitkin County found that a pharmacist’s decision not to provide an emergency … Read more

Juan Soto’s admission on Padres trade is a bitter pill for Nationals

Washington Nationals fans probably thought that the team had no other choice but to trade Juan Soto before Tuesday’s MLB trade deadline. Apparently, though, that is not the case. After Soto declined the $440 million deal the Nationals offered to him, he had been a prime trade candidate. And on August 2nd, hours before the … Read more

Abortion Pill RU486 May Be Handed Out By Nurses In Australia: Albanese Government

A push for nurses and midwives to be given the authority to dispense medical “abortion pills” is gaining momentum with a major medical company lobbying for the move. MS Health, a subsidiary of MSI Australia and the company that imports the drug known as RU486, hope the move will make the pills more accessible. Currently, … Read more

Covid pill is ‘a better weapon than jab’ and will revolutionise our protection to virus

A “VACCINE in a pill” promises to revolutionise our Covid armoury. The no-jab treatment triggers a robust immune response in the nose and throat — our first line of defence against the virus. Vaxart boss Dr Sean Tucker hailed the ‘antibody potential’ Fresh trial data shows the pill can last up to a year and … Read more

I’d jump at the chance to take a male contraceptive pill

Years of contraceptives being targeted at women have given rise to swathes of men who see it as a solely female responsibility (Credits: Getty Images/fStop) ‘Are you on the pill?’ This is quite possibly the least sexy five-word phrase to ever barge its way into the dialogue of a romantic moment. Uttered by men in … Read more

You can now buy a hangover pill that leaves you feeling ‘fresh’

This could be a thing of the past (Picture:Getty) Headaches, nausea and tiredness really are the worst – especially when they’re self-inflicted from alcohol. Most of us know that feeling of waking up to a spinning room, with a throbbing head and a dodgy stomach – after having one too many drinks the night before. … Read more

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