Vitamin deficiency: ‘unexplained bruising’ can signal a vitamin K, C or iron deficiency

However, in the western world, most people get enough of both these nutrients. “Most people get enough vitamin C from a healthy diet,” says the Mayo Clinic. A more common vitamin deficiency, which is also prevalent in the West is iron deficiency. Iron is a vital chemical for producing healthy red blood cells. When levels … Read more

Blood clots warning: ‘Discomfort’ in arms, back, neck and jaw – may signal blood clot

Blood clotting is a natural, healthy process. It prevents you from bleeding excessively. But when it occurs too much, and in certain areas of your body, it can have sometimes dire consequences. The worst outcome of a blood clot is for it to spread to the blood vessels feeding your heart and lungs. The symptoms … Read more

Vitamin B12 deficiency: ‘Ataxia’ while walking can signal ‘irreversible’ deficiency

Vitamin B12 helps your body create and maintain your brain cells. It’s linked with creating substances that help your brain tissue communicate. Low levels of the substance can result in some nasty consequences that are sometimes “irreversible”. One of these more dire consequences is the “loss” of physical ability – known as ataxia. According to … Read more

Two types of pain in your foot can signal a blood clot is forming, warns Thrombosis UK

Blood clots are small clumps of blood that have the consistency of gel. While some clotting is necessary to the body to prevent excessive bleeding, those that don’t dissolve by themselves can be dangerous. And if these clots travel to certain organs it can be life-threatening. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) occurs when a blood clot … Read more

Type 2 diabetes: The ‘subtle’ signs in the morning that can signal diabetes

Diabetes is sometimes called the “silent killer”. There are dozens of possible symptoms but sometimes these symptoms are incredibly “subtle” and might get mixed up with other conditions. But sometimes there are no signs at all. The London Diabetes Centre has highlighted some of these symptoms, which can often be broad. It also explains that … Read more

Fatty liver disease: Two symptoms in your leg that can signal irreversible liver disease

Swelling in the legs and ankles is known as an odema, whereas swelling in the abdomen is known as ascites. Ascites often look like a beer belly, making it sometimes hard to detect. Sometimes the portal vein may even rupture, known as varices. Varices can cause blood to seep into your stools, making them turn … Read more

Australia Publish Adelaide Clients Shocked By ‘racist’ Signal About Indian Passport And Visa Images » WhatsNew2Day

Australia Publish clients are shocked by a racist check in considered one of its shops – however is there an harmless clarification? An Australia Publish workplace displayed signal saying ‘we CANNOT take INDIAN images’ The workplace obtained huge backlash on-line however insisted it was ‘poor wording’ Australia Publish functions for Indian passports and visas have … Read more

Cancer: Pain that worsens when lying down or after eating could signal pancreatic cancer

“These include stomach and back aches, indigestion, unexplained weight loss and a change to bowel habits. “However, some of the more serious symptoms can include loss of appetite, jaundice and sickness.” The pharmacists caution that unexplained sickness lasting longer than two days should not be ignored. “Unexplained diarrhoea for more than seven days or any … Read more

‘Long-lasting’ itchy skin could signal fatty liver disease – can lead to liver scarring

Cirrhosis – The most severe stage, where the liver shrinks and becomes scarred and lumpy. This is permanent and can result in liver failure and liver cancer. Although it is not known exactly what causes fatty liver disease there are a number of factors that can raise your risk. These include: Being obese or overweight … Read more

I’m furious as 50ft trees block the light and ruin my phone signal – the council can’t do anything

A MAN has been left fuming over a row of 50ft trees that block the light and ruin his phone signal. Carl Martindale, 49, from Hull, says the towering trees are affecting the quality of life of himself, his wife, and their neighbours. 3 Carl Martindale, 49, is fuming at the 50ft trees that tower … Read more

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