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Andre Bing was ‘hunting for’ specific people. revealed that Andre Bing had a list of names of store workers before going on strike.

Andre Bing, a Walmart mass shooter, claimed in a suicide letter that he was ‘led’ by Satan to kill six of his coworkers who gave him evil twisted smiles’ and’mocked’ him.

After the mass shooting, the suicide note, which bears the headline “Death Note” by the gunman, was found on the victim’s phone and was released by Chesapeake Police on Friday. 

Bing, 31, describes his colleagues in it as “idiots of low intelligence” who ‘harassed and ‘tormented him during his shifts.

During the killing spree, the manager shot Brian Pendleton and Randall Blevins, Lorenzo Gamble (Kelly Pyle), Lorenzo Gamble (Lorenzo Gamble), Kellie Tyle and Tyneka – whose name was found in a kill list of coworkers discovered by just outside his house. 

He Fernando Jesus Chaves, 16, who was just starting to work as a part-time restocker, was also killed. He was just starting his first job.

Jalon Jones, Jessica Wilczewski, and Jalon Jones were among the four people who survived the attack. Blake Williams (23), is another survivor. According to his family, he is currently on a ventilator and trying to cling to life.

Authorities have confirmed that Bing purchased the 9mm pistol used in the killings on November 22 legally and that he did not have any prior convictions.

On Wednesday, the FBI confiscated a package of ammunition and a receipt as well as other paperwork from his $300k estate.

Bing wrote a paranoid suicide note in which he claimed that Jeffrey Dahmer was his inspiration. He later denied this claim by saying, ‘I wouldn’t have killed anyone who entered my house’.

He He continued to claim he was guilty and had ‘failed his management team’.

Delusional Bing was an individual who claimed that he had heard his colleagues tell him they wanted to get rid of him from day one’, which caused him to lash out’.

The suicide note - which is headlined 'Death Note' by the gunman Andre Bing - was found on his phone after the mass shooting, and released by Chesapeake police on Friday

The suicide note, headlined “Death Note” by Andre Bing, was found on Bing’s phone following the mass shooting and was released Friday by Chesapeake officers

In the rambling, paranoid note, Bing claimed his co-workers gave him 'evil, twisted grins'

Bing, in a paranoid and rambling note, claimed that his co-workers gave Bing ‘evil, twisty grins’ 

Bing ended the note, saying: 'My God forgive me for what I'm going to do ...'

Bing closed the note by saying: “My God, forgive me for all that I’m going …’.”

The six Walmart managers who committed murder in Virginia:  

• 38-year-old Brian Pendleton of Chesapeake

• 52-year-old Kellie Pyle of Chesapeake

• 43-year-old Lorenzo Gamble of Chesapeake

• 70-year-old Randy Belvins of Chesapeake

• 22-year-old Tyneka Johnson of Portsmouth

• 16-year-old Fernando Jesus Chaves, who had just started working as a restocked part-time. It was his first job.

Bing continued in the note to add: “The associates gave my evil twisted smiles, mocked and celebrated the end of my downfall the last day.

“That’s why they have the same fate as I.

‘My real intent was to never murder anyone, believe or not. If you get to know me, I am actually one of most loving people on the planet.

“I wanted a wife who was as yoked to me as I am and that is obsessed with the thought. However I didn’t deserve a wife.

“I hope people learn from each other’s mistakes, and will love God and not material possessions.

“My only wish was to start from scratch. I also wish that my parents would have been more attentive to my social needs.

“Sorry everybody, but I didn’t plan it. Things just happened as if I was led by Satan.

After opening fire on his coworkers, the mass shooter took his own life. However, he explained in a note why he saved one woman because he had a special place for her in his heart.

He He claimed that it was his mother’s death from cancer. Another female colleague had also ‘apologized’ to him and noticed a demonic aura’ in the eyes.

Tyneka Johnson, 22

Randall Blevins, 70

Five of six victims in a mass shooting at Virginia Walmart on Tuesday have been identified by police. The murderer was later identified by police. According to the city, the sixth victim was a 16 year-old boy. Because of his age, his name and photograph were withheld. The victims range from 16 to 70 years old

Bing also killed 16-year-old Fernando Jesus Chaves, circled, who had just started working as a restocker part-time. It was his first job.

Fernando Jesus Chaves (16 years old), who was just starting to work as a waiter part-time, was also killed by Bing. This was his first job.

The surveillance footage screenshot shows a person walking into Walmart on October 30

This surveillance footage screenshot shows someone walking into Walmart on Oct 30

The 31-year-old shooter threw a list away along with screenshots of surveillance footage dating back to October. The list included details about what shifts his co-workers were on and in which department they were working, as well as what time they would be on a break

The 31 year-old shooter created a list with screenshots of surveillance footage that he had taken back in October. The list contained details about his coworkers and the department in which they worked, as well as when they would be taking a break.

The list, seen by, shows the names of fellow supermarket employees circled - including Tyneka Johnson, 22, who he shot dead in Chesapeake, Virginia, on Tuesday saw the list and it shows the names of other supermarket workers circled. This includes Tyneka Johnson (22), who was shot to death in Chesapeake on Tuesday.

Bing also accused his coworkers of creating “subtle codes speeches” and claimed that he believed one of them to be his friend. However, he was ‘betrayed by’ the worker.

Law enforcement has removed names from the note, but Jessica Wilczewski, a survivor, said that she was allowed to flee the killer. He told her to ‘go home Jessie after shooting other colleagues.

Bing says he was forced to shoot his coworkers after his phone was hacked. He added that it was the worst feeling and was so overwhelming, that he wished he could have saved everyone.

The shooting occurred after revealed that the shooter had thrown a list containing names and addresses in the trash near his three-bedroom house. found the list and included 18 names.

Sarah Walker, another survivor, is also in the hospital. Her friends and family say she was shot five times and is also in critical condition.

Jessie Wilczewski says the shooter held a gun to her forehead then allowed her to go home

Sarah Walker (left) was able to survive the shooting, but is still being treated in the hospital. She According to her family, she was shot five times and will need to have a third operation today. Jessie Wilczewski, right, says the shooter held his gun to her forehead before allowing her to go home.

Jalon Jones, 24, was among those shot. He is in the hospital today in stable condition

Jalon Jones (24 years old) was one of those who were shot. He Is currently stable and in the hospital 

Crime scene tape surrounds a car at the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart, Wednesday in Chesapeake

A car that was the victim of a mass shooting at Walmart on Wednesday in Chesapeake is covered with crime scene tape

Four victims of the attack survived and are still in hospital. Jalon and Jessica Wilczewski were two of the victims. Their names were also added to the list. Blake Williams, 23 years old, was one of them. His family claimed that he was on a ventilator and still clinging onto life.

Before 31-year-old Bing committed the horrible massacre by throwing his kill list and screenshots of surveillance footage back to October. The screenshot shows an individual in black entering the Walmart shortly before midnight.

The list found next to the photo included information about which shifts his coworkers were working and in what department, as well details about their breaks.

The suicide note that Bing left behind reveals the motivation behind the murders and shows Bing’s plans to kill anyone he felt was laughing at him.

In the note, he said that he felt that he had’remained firm’ during the torture but that his dignity had been ‘completely destroyed beyond repair’ after his phone got ‘hacked.

Bing’s former colleague claimed that he was paranoid and the government was watching him. He added that he had taped his phone’s camera to express his fears.

Bing concluded his note by saying: “My God, forgive me for the things I’m about to do.”

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