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Wizards’ WAGS wild Miami Night Out: Will Barton, Bradley Beal, and Kristaps porzingis are the partners of Will Barton in this NBA road trip. They host a very glamorous party that takes place between back-toback NBA games

  • Kamiah Bel and Laura Vizla were Kristaps Porzingis’ girlfriend, both of whom were at the party
  • Brittany Barton, Will’s girlfriend, was there as well as two other women.
  • The ladies partied before enjoying drinks at the FTX arena.
  • Since Wednesday, the Wizards have been in Miami. They lost the first game 105-113
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Several wives and girlfriends of players on the Washington Wizards hit the coastal town of Miami on Wednesday night after watching their significant others hoop against the Heat. 

Kamiah Beal (Bradley Beal’s spouse), Laura Vizla (Kristas Porzingis’ girlfriend) and Ms. Brittany (Will Barton’s partner) were all present for the hookah and drinks. 

Kamiah, Ms. Brittany and the three women posed together for photos in a private lounge. They were holding stacks upon stacks of dollar bills. 

On Wednesday night, the WAGS of many Washington Wizards players went to Miami for some fun. 

GIRLIES: The group of ladies were seen at a private club, throwing money in the air & dancing

GIRLS: This group of women were seen dancing, throwing money around and at a private party.

CHEERS: The group of women then headed to FTX Arena, where they ordered a few drinks

CHEERS : The group of women then went to FTX Arena and ordered a few beverages

Brittany posted the following on Instagram: “A time was had” before Kamiah joined in. 

She wrote “Lawwwd” along with many crying laughing emojis. 

The exact location of their shenanigans was not revealed. However, they were courtside at FTX Arena hours before, when the Wizards lost to Heat, 113-105.

Kamiah & Laura took some time to take photos on the Heat’s hardwood floors while they were there for the game. 

Laura Vizla, the current girlfriend of Kristaps Porzingis, struck a pose courtside in Balenciaga

Kristaps Porzingis’ current girlfriend, Laura Vizla, posed courtside in Balenciaga

WHO'S MISSUS IS THAT: Will Barton's girlfriend, Brittany, also glamoured up for the game

WHO’S MISSUS IS THIS: Brittany Barton’s girlfriend was also glamorous for the game 

Laura took a photo wearing high-heeled black boots, jeans and an oversized Balenciaga shirt that looked like Manchester United’s current home kit. She A black leather purse was also carried by the woman. 

Ms. Brittany wore knee-high orange boots, torn jeans, and a Harley-Davidson tie dye t-shirt. She Complete her look with a white mini bag and futuristic sunglasses. 

Although the duration of the Wizards’ wives and girlfriends in Florida is still unknown, Kamiah shared family plans for Thanksgiving with some snaps of herself on a boat offering views of Miami’s skyline. 

The wife of Wizards star Bradley Beal celebrated Thanksgiving on a boat off Miami's coast

Bradley Beal’s wife celebrated Thanksgiving aboard a boat just off Miami’s coast.

THE BEALS: The couple have been married since 2020 and are now parents to three boys

THE BEALS: The couple are married since 2020 and have three sons together.

Her Bradley Beal’s husband did not appear on her Instagram Story, suggesting that he might have had to miss the Thanksgiving celebrations on Thursday in order to train for Friday’s back to back at the FTX Arena. 

After their big day was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the couple got married in 2020. The couple has three sons, Braylen, Braxton and Deuce. Braxton was born in July.

Laura and Porzingis, however, seem quite new after Porzingis announced their relationship on Instagram in September. 

Barton and Ms. Brittany’s relationship timeline is unknown, but they recently went on a romantic trip to Greece following last year’s failure to make the playoffs. 

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